Free Swing Dance & Lindy Hop Videos

Do you want to learn Lindy Hop online? Do you have no money or time to take classes in your local SwingStep school? Are you living in a city that doesn’t offer swing dance classes? Or do you just want to get even more input because you are a Swing Geek like we? Then you should check out our free Swing Videos & Instruction DVDs!

The secret to a good start:

The secret to a good start in learning how to dance is repetition! You want to both have the opportunity to hear your teachers explain how they do it AND the chance to dance and practice it for yourself.

However, if you are like most of us, you already have a busy lifestyle working hard to create a balanced and fulfilling work and social life. But, you are probably also a bit of an achiever, which makes taking dance classes once a week without feeling the progress a frustrating first step to learn how to dance.

And that’s where our DVDs come in – You can use them whenever it suits you best, with or without a partner! The repetition will help you replace the natural early awkwardness with that great feeling of progress and confidence that makes dancing fun. You don’t need a lot of fancy moves to start with – it’s the quality of motion that gives joy to you and your dance partner!

A lot of Swing dancers have already given us feedback on their great progress, so we are confident: with our support and advice, we can help you, too!

Enjoy the fulfillment of Swing dancing and take action now – we will help you step by step!

This is how it works:

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Step 2: Login at My SwingStep and you can access the Free DVDs in the Goodies Section.

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