New to Swing?

Recharge your energy after a busy day!

In just one short evening session of dancing, music and socializing – all in one activity – you’ll fill your body and mind with positive energy for the whole week.

I can handle my challenges at work because of my weekly dose of Swing dance classes – Antje K.

It’s easy to join because:

  • You don’t need to bring a partner. We always rotate dance partners during classes and make sure to have balanced classes.
  • You do not need any previous knowledge for any of the courses on this page.
  • Come dressed as you are! No specific shoes or clothes needed.
  • If you miss a class there is both a video summary and free practice time that you can visit to catch up
  • When you finish Swing 1, you can join Swing 2… at the same day and hour.
  • No risk thanks to our 100 % money-back-guarantee!

  • Drop-In
    10,00 €per class

    • 45 minutes of class
    • no sign-up needed
    • no partner needed
    • party for free
    • practice for free

  • Kurs
    9,20 €per hour

    • 6*75 minutes: 69 €
    • no partner needed
    • 6 video recaps
    • party for free
    • practice for free

Give it a try? Here are the courses for you:

Beginner Crash Course

First Steps in FHain/XBerg

Every Monday
Except: 2.4., 30.4.2018
8.15pm – 9pm
1 x 45 minutes

Price – 10€

Every session starts with the very basics plus new variation. Just come by, no partner needed.

Language of instruction:
As needed (EN / DE)

Holzmarkstr. 15-18
(behind the big building of BVG, close to U-Jannowitzbrücke)

Beginner Crash Course

First Steps in Wedding

New from January 19 2018
Every Friday
Except: 30.3.2018
9:15pm – 10pm
1 x 45 Minuten

Preis – 10€

Every session starts with the very basics plus new variation. Just come by, no partner needed.

Language of instruction:
As needed (DE / EN)

SwingStep Berlin
Prinzenallee 33
(Close to U8-Pankstr., Entrance: Theater 28)

Swing 1

Social Dancing Starter Kit

22.05. - 26.06.2018
Tuesday , 19:45-21:00
6 x 75 minutes
with Jean and Aljoscha

Price - 69€

kein Kurs am 12.6.2018

Language of instruction:
As needed (EN / DE)

Theater 28
Prinzenallee, 33
13359 Berlin

Where do I go?


Next to our new main studio in Wedding we also have different locations in Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain where we offer classes on several evenings. You can find informations on where which courses are happening on the course page.

Because this is a social dance, it’s not necessary to change into special dance clothing; most people just come as they are.  Bringing an extra shirt to change into when you got sweaty can be a good idea. If you’d like to know more about dress codes, click here.

Main studio in Wedding

Theater 28

Prinzenallee 33
13359 Berlin

  • 0162 - 427 122 4
Email address


Through the big gate, you might have to ring

» get directions on Google Maps

Monday: Courses & Social Dance


Holzmarktstraße 15-18
10179 Berlin

  • 0162 - 427 122 4
Email address


The entrance is behind the BVG building, close to the water (see google maps icon).

» get directions on Google Maps


Monday, Wednesday & Sunday: Courses


Dresdner Str. 11
10999 Berlin

  • 0162 - 427 122 4
Email address


ring the bell, backyard right door, 3rd floor

» get directions on Google Maps

Is this something for me?


If you see yourself as:

  • a busy person who wants to combine physical activity, music, laughter and being with people, all in one short activity.
  • an active person who would do many more cultural and sports activities if you had more time.
  • an independent person who loves to do activities with other people, but doesn’t want to have to rely on other people to join an activity.

If you connect to any of these qualities, this dance is FOR YOU!

At a swing dance party you have the choice of how you want to spend your time, how you want to connect with people. You can sit down with somebody and have a deep conversation about your favourite topic, or if you’re not the chatty type you can skip all of that and just invite people to dance.

What is Swing dancing?

What makes this dance so unique is that it takes the best of two worlds: the technique and structure of classic couples’ dancing combined with the freedom of self-expression that you can have when dancing alone!
You can dance in a soft comfortable way enjoying the fluidity and creativity you experience with your partner. Or, you can dance it hard and sporty. How do you feel today? With us you learn the techniques that allow you to choose exactly how you’d like to dance.
Click here to read more about the dance.

Not sure yet?

Try it right now for FREE from home without anyone watching!


We have created two beginners’ swing dance instructional videos; they teach you some of the basic steps, movements and concepts that we teach in our beginner classes. You can get instant access to all this material if you log into our membership area. Again, this is all for free!

The benefits are that you can:

  • see right now if you like what and how we teach.
  • try a bit for yourself so that when you come to class you feel more confident
  • you can get something out of the videos with or without a partner

This is how it works:

Login at My SwingStep and you can access the Free DVDs in the Goodies Section.

What goes into each class?

In many ways SwingStep is unique in Europe. Here are just a few of the reasons we believe you’ll have an amazing experience.


Our teachers focus on what we believe is the coolest form of Swing – the Lindy Hop

True mastery of a topic comes from deep focus: our teachers have been actively developing their dancing and teaching skills for years, and bring all this experience to you in class. Because we focus your classes only on Lindy hop, we can react quickly to your feedback, and continuously improve our classes to help you learn good technique in the most simple and enjoyable way!

True dedication:

Across SwingStep schools in Berlin and Heidelberg, we have 8 FULL-TIME members who spend forty hours per week developing your swing dance experience. We are continuously developing our class schedules, content, techniques and teaching systems. When someone has an idea for a class or a new method of teaching, we test and review it together to analyse it from every angle until the good ideas are polished into a gem!

All teachers have their individual “superpowers” that improve your experience in a different way. You can read more about them here: Team Superpowers


SwingStep founders Ali&Katja are a passionate and inspiring presence in the European Lindy Hop scene.  They are invited 35 weekends a year since 2013, to train dancers all over Europe in their dance and teaching philosophy.

This is what organizers in Switzerland say about us:

Katja and Ali stand out as teachers who have developed their very own approaches to explaining dance techniques in Lindy Hop. Afters years and years of constant development of their ides and classes, their school of dancing has gained many followers. – organizers of Leapin Lindy (2016 edition). 

For more about Ali&Katja, check out their website:


We have two other communities who work very closely with us to develop our teaching system: “Holy Lindy Land” in Tel Aviv, Israel with Ron and his team, and “Little Big Apple” in Lisbon, Portugal with David and Catia and their team.

Both schools have worked closely with the SwingStep team for several years. As we work on the same platform, the best ideas from each school can easily be used in the other schools. If you have heard about “Party Mode” in one of our classes, that’s because we saw the amazing results it had in Tel Aviv!

Any questions? Write us an email: or call us: +49 (0) 162 – 427 122 4*

* You will most likely reach us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 12 - 2pm. If not, we promise to call or write back within a day.