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*** NEW *** Would you like to support us financially with an additional financial contribution?

As you can imagine, our school has been hit hard by the Corona pandemic and all the safety precautions that come along with it. We want to be here with you in future too - for courses, for practice times, for socials - and for that we could really use some support. If you want to help out, you can select a support amount here. Thank you so much, it really means a lot to us!

Note: The selected amount will be automatically added to the course payment.

Would you like to contribute to or get support from the Pay-it-Forward Fund?

We wish for as many people as possible to meet and dance together, no matter their current financial situation. Sometimes, we go through a phase in our lives where the lack of money can come in the way of continuing to participate in the dance and our community. That’s why we decided to create a fund that grants financial support to people who might have difficulties paying for their classes. Click here to find out more about the fund.

Would you like to support other dancers by contributing to the fund?
Note: The selected amount will be automatically added to the course payment.

This money is intended for those who, without this fund, could not participate in SwingStep’s classes. It is important to us that you know that anyone asking for support does not need to justify their situation to us. You might be a student, temporarily be between jobs, or simply had high unexpected expenses and need to make difficult financial decisions. If you need this financial boost at the moment, the fund is one way the community can help you.

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