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Are you looking for a goal-oriented challenge that brings you beyond your weekly social dance classes and would you enjoy showing your dancing skills in front of an audience? Then you should join our show troupe „Lindy Poppins“:

Make show a part of your culture

Lindy Hop is not all about social dancing. It started in the big ballrooms in Harlem, but quickly found its way onto the show stages and into the movie theatres. This is why a big part of the modern Lindy Hop community is about performing and competing. Be it in a casual context during a local dance party, showing off your skills on a big international Lindy Hop festival or actually earning your money performing on events that book you as an entertainment act – the stage can be your home!

Become a more successful dancer

Some of the biggest Lindy communities, like London and Montreal, have been running successful show troupes for many years and those are often the names you hear first, when it comes to international dancing competitions. Our new project, creating a stable show troupe in Berlin, gives you the chance to explore exactly this part of Lindy Hop. You can be part of a group that practices on a weekly basis, learn amazing routines and acquire the skills that are needed to perform them in a professional fashion.

Be a part of something big
– Lindy Poppins

The goal of this troupe is to stay together and make its way to a level where we are present on bigger dance festivals and hired for paid gigs outside the Lindy Hop community. So far we created several different routines, that we performed inside the scene, and now were hired for our first paid gig :) The next step is to grow the troupe a bit, create another show routine and find more opportunities to perform – do you want to be a part of that?

Are you interested in joining the show troupe? Here you find some more details about what to expect and how you can take part:

Your level and qualities

This show troupe is for you, if you want to be part of a group where the individual dance level is not as important as the ability to work together. The basic level or our performances will be based on the overall skills within the troupe members and for the more advanced dancers we will add variations and spotlights to make sure that everyone is challenged at their level inside the trainings. To make the whole group work well together we ask for some basic requirements from you:

  • Dancewise you should by now have developed skills such as moderate rhythm & movement qualities and a solid repertoire of basic moves, including Swing Outs to medium tempo (160+bpm) and being comfortable to dance Charleston Kicks on high tempo (200+bpm). Also some basic solo dancing knowledge will help you to learn the choreographies faster.
  • You should be eager to work on your dancing on a regular basis, both inside and outside of the troupe structure (regular social dancing, personal training, international festivals…).
  • The main quality that we are looking for is not your absolute dance level, but your dedication and your will to learn with a group and see the progress of the whole group as important as your own progress.

If you are not sure wether you fit those descriptions, we invite you to talk to one of us to get advice.
To ensure a good flow within the group the first training will function as a try-out (Monday, 29th of January, 19:00 in Art. 13, Dresdner Str. 11, Kreuzberg). During this training you will get to know the current members of the troupe and we will decide, if you are a good fit for the group (so better be nice to us ;p ).

Joining the troupe you will commit to

  • 2 x 1,25 hrs of training and coaching with teachers (mondays 19.00-20.15, Art. 13, Dresdner Str. 11, Kreuzberg | thursdays 21.15-22.30, Theater 28, Prinzenallee 33, Wedding).
  • Since we all work towards a common goal with our next performance around April, you should be confident that you can make most of these trainings for the next 3-4 months.
  • It is in your responsibility to keep up with the learning speed of the group, even if it means additional individual trainings.

This is what you can expect during the training

  • This is a show troupe and the only goal is to create great performances, developed for audiences. This means that all trainings will focus on learning choreography and diverse performance skills. There will be no social dancing (except in the breaks) ;)
  • Since our trainings can have quite a high intensity, each training will include a warm-up and cool-down with regard to the to the intensity of the upcoming training. During your individual trainings we recommend you to implement the training habits you learn with us.
  • Learning aerials can be a part of the show troupe training, but doing aerials is not a necessity to join the troupe.

Your teachers and troupe leaders

We, Ananda, Leon and Oli have created this project, because all three of us love performing ourselves. Already since a while we have had the dream of creating a bigger focus on performances within the Berlin Swing dance community, which is why we hope that this troupe provides a new opportunity for dancers that want to seek their challenges outside of local classes.

Costs & Terms

  • The show troupe training will cost you 50€ / month for 4hrs of weekly training. The monthly payment is independent from the actual amounts of training during this month. This means, that sometimes there might be five weeks of training and sometimes only three.
  • The first training functions as a try-out, so during this training both you and we (the current troupe members) can find out, if you are a fit for the troupe. The final decision if you become a Lindy Poppins member will happen after this training. You only have to pay the training, if you become a member.
  • Cancellation can happen on a monthly basis, 3 weeks notice in advance, but we really recommend you to only commit to the troupe if you feel confident that you will at least commit to it until the next performance.
  • Costs for costumes and other bigger expenses related to the performances (eg. travelling to a performance outside of Berlin) can be covered by SwingStep, if we have the funds.
  • In the future we are planning to have paid gigs. In this case each performer on stage will get a financial compensation (details will follow).
  • Being part of the show troupe is no guarantee to perform. It is your responsibility to be ready for a performance. If a gig can only accommodate a limited amount of performers, then it is the teachers or troupe leaders decision to select the most suitable candidates out of the group.

In order to join the show troupe, you simply have to follow these two steps:

  1. Fill out the application form (link below, click on „apply now“).
  2. Come to the Troupe Training on Monday, 29th of January, 19:00 in Art. 13, Dresdner Str. 11, Kreuzberg (close to U8-Kottbusser Tor)
    – this training will function as a try-out where you get to know the troupe and for us to see if you are a good fit :)

Here are the key facts one more time

  • Trainings will happen twice a week:
    Thursday, 21.15-22.30, Theater 28, Prinzenallee 33, Wedding: 1,25 hrs
    Monday, 19.00-20.15, Art. 13, Dresdner Str. 11, Kreuzberg: 1,25 hrs
  • The next performance will be around April, more Info soon
  • Monthly costs are only 50€ to cover expenses (teachers, room costs)/li>

The Monday trainings are happening in Art. 13, Kreuzberg, close to U-Kottbusser Tor


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The Thursday trainings are happening in Theater 28, Wedding, close to U8-Pankstr.

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