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Wokshop SwingStep Deluxe Leipzig

(Die Beschreibung ist momentan auf englisch, die deutsche Übersetzung folgt)

Registration opening day Tue, 24 October 2017, 20:00

Above all else dance is an interpretation of music.

We are trying to feel the beat, listen to the melody and translate it into motion. In this workshop you will learn how the structure of swing music can guide your dancing. Should I go for crazy fast swingouts or relaxed Charleston groove walks? What do I do during the trumpet solo? When should I go for my fancy moves or rhythmical variations? The music has answers to all these questions. And best of all: your partner is listening to that same song, so you can even use musical connection as a lead and follow tool!

What: 7 hours of Lindy Hop  Workshop + 1 Taster, Parties on Friday and Saturday
When: February 17/18 2018
Wo:  Vereinsgebäude der AOK im Clara-Zetkin-Park
Level: 3 Levels – Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced
Teachers: Kris&Areski, Jule&Slava, Cláudia&Ali
Language: This workshop will be bilingual. Within each teaching couple we have native speakers of English and German!
Price: 92 Euro (incl. Workshop, Taster and Parties)

16. Februar 2018 - 18. November 2018

SwingSummit 2018

(Da es ein internationaler Workshop ist, und die Kurse auf englisch gehalten werden, haben wir diese Beschreibung auch nur auf englisch.)

Registration opening day Tue, 21 November 2017, 18:00

If you are up for a full week of intense training with lots of attention from the instructors


Join us in the mountains of Ardèche France, and bring altitude into your dancing. Swing Summit is an intensive dance camp, designed to give you the ultimate learning experience and to make a real change in your dancing. This is how:

  • Maximum 8-10 couples per class
  • 3 Levels: high intermediate to high advanced
  • Lots of personal attention from the instructors
  • 4.5 hours of classes per day
  • 30 min guided practice time after every class
  • 6 days of classes
  • All classes match and/or build upon each other
  • Outdoor and indoor dance floors for enjoyable classes in any weather
  • Social dancing every night
  • Live music on Thursday nights
  • Free Rural-WiFi available 😉
  • Swimming pool & fitness fun


  • Week 1: Sat, 30 June 2018 – Sat, 7 July 2018
  • Week 2: Sun, 8 July 2018 – Sun, 15 July 2018
  • Week 3: Mon, 16 July 2018 – Mon, 23 July 2018
  • Week 4: Fri, 27 July 2018 – Fri, 3 August 2018
  • Week 5: Sat, 4 August 2018 – Sat, 11 August 2018
  • Week 6: Sun, 12 August 2018 – Sun, 19 August 2018

The class material is the same for all 6 weeks.

30. Juni 2018 - 19. August 2018

Boost – Heidelberg

BOOST Heidelberg: 13. / 14. October 2018

Anmeldung öffnet am (wird noch bekannt gemacht).

13. Oktober 2018 - 14. Oktober 2018

Cirque Du Solo

16.11. – 18.11.2018 Berlin

Solo Jazz is one of the fastest and most independent ways for you to grow as a dancer! It improves your ability to move with balance, rhythm, elegance and a rich repertoire of steps.

During this weekend you can enjoy lots of great classes, watch wonderful performances – and even choose to go on stage yourself!

With amazing teachers Bára (Be), Joris (Be), Cat (UK), Clàudia Fonte (Barcelona) and more tba.

16. November 2018 - 18. November 2018