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Planst du deine Aktivitäten gerne im Voraus? Du möchtest keine Events mehr verpassen, weil du mal wieder die Übersicht verloren hast?
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Kursrunde 04/2017

Kursrunde 04/2017
22.05.2017 – 09.07.2017

Aufgrund von Vorbereitungen des Chasefestivals in Heidelberg finden in der Woche von Montag, 12.6. bis Sonntag, 18.6. keine Kurse statt. Am Montag, den 19.6. geht es mit der 4. Kurswoche weiter.

22. Mai 2017 - 9. Juli 2017

Time to Shine

Choreo Jam Performance

Info & Registration Date: tba

30. Juni 2017 - 30. Juni 2017

Summer in Berlin

Registration day: March 21, 2017, 17:00 CET!

Experience 6 weeks of Lindy hoppin’ in Berlin with classes everyday and the opportunity to social dance almost every night for the same cost as a workshop weekend!

What you get:

Between 1-2 hours of Swing dance classes: 6 days a week for 6 weeks straight!
Find the right level for you: beginner/intermediate, intermediate or advanced
Classes with the SwingStep team
Classes with guest teachers
Participant driven classes in special topics such as Pilates, Yoga, Functional Fitness etc.
Organized activities around the city once a week
Stay 6 weeks in the historic, hip and cheap city of Berlin to explore its culture and friendly Lindy Hop community.

When: July 10th to August 18th 2017
Where: SwingStep studio Tanzbar, Rudolfstraße 1, 10245 Berlin
Levels: 3 levels – Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced
SwingStep Teachers: Ali, Anna, Areski, Jean, Katja, Kris, Oli, Slava
Special Guests: Benni, Jule, Katrin, Marie, Pieter Aart, Ron
… and more TBA
Language: English is the official language of our classes during this period. However, sometimes we might translate to German.

Price: 175 Euro

10. Juli 2017 - 18. August 2017

Sensa(c)tion Berlin

When: 12.-13.08.2017
Where: Swingstep Berlin
Teacher: Swingstep Team Berlin/Heidelberg

Sensa(c)tion – A Workshop on creativity and play will be back in August 12/13

This workshop is all about learning how you can express yourself as a dancer and interact with your partner – becoming both more sensitive to your partner’s intentions AND finding space to take more action in your dance.

REDUCE: dance more by doing less, creating nice shapes and forms
REPLACE: be creative with your own variations
SURPRISE: follow your instincts to redirect the flow of the dance
LEAD: when is it time to lead and when should we follow?
PLAY: take your space to inspire each other – visually and emotionally

Join us for the Sensa(c)tion workshop and learn to express yourself and interact more with your partner in your Lindy Hoppin’!

More Infos coming out soon!

12. August 2017 - 13. August 2017

Teachers Training 2017 in Berlin

A week long traing for new and experienced dance teachers.
What: Pedagogy, didactics, community building and business skills for dance teachers.
When: Mon August 14th to Fri August 18th, 2017
Adamas Kangseok Kim from Swing It in Korea
Ali Taghavi from SwingStep in Germany
Kris Blindert from SwingStep in Germany
Pieter Aart Schouten from the Netherlands
Ron Dobrovinsky from Holy Lindy Land in Israel
More to come…
Language: English
Where: Berlin
Price: 390 Euro* for 30h of teachers training

*SPECIAL NOTE: Because of the special nature of this workshop it’s priced higher than a regular dance workshop. However, we don’t want the price to be a limiting factor for you. If you need help to afford participating, please send us an email at ali@swingstep.com so that we can figure out a way to make it work for you and for us

14. August 2017 - 18. August 2017

Boost – Skyrocket your Lindy Hop

A Lindy Hop workshop in Heidelberg on  14./15. October 2017

Tired of going to workshops where you take tons of classes, but at the end you can’t remember half of what you learned?  Want more power to drive toward your own learning goals?

What’s unique about Boost is, after each class you get to dig deeper, and you can choose what elements to focus on, for an in-depth individual training experience.

What: a weekend with up to 20 hours of intense training
When: 14. / 15. October 2017
Where: Heidelberg
Levels: 2 levels – Intermediate, Advanced
Teachers: Katja&Ali, Kris&Areski
Language: English (with occasional translation to German)
Price: 120 Euro for the full weekend!

14. Oktober 2017 - 15. Oktober 2017