Purpose, Mission and Core-Values



It took us 5 years to elegantly formulate our core purpose in this short sentence. Here are some of the important underlying meanings:

Busy People

We are excited to have EVERYBODY in our classes. However, we’ve noticed that our classes resonate exceptionally well with people who have an intense work or study life. They often come to us to re-energize their mind and body so that they can get back to tackling their everyday challenges.

We feel excited and proud that our classes can have the effect of helping you recharge your batteries, build a social network and provide fun, fitness and cultural enrichment.


Swing dancing is a remarkably enriching experience! Here are just a few reasons why it’s so beneficial:


The most noticeable sound you hear in a class and during the social dances, besides the music, is people laughing. People laugh because they get excited about how they can express themselves. In this light-hearted environment, people even laugh when someone makes a mistake because it easily can turn into a new variation. People also laugh and high-five each other when they succeed with a new step or variation that they just learned.


Because of its social nature, you can come to a class alone and within the first 30 minutes get a chance to dance with at least half the group. Learning something together with other people is an extremely bonding experience.
The swing community is also very open-minded and multi-cultural. If you’re new in town, drop by – our classes are in German and English, you can meet a ton of new people who will happily give you tips about the city and offer help if you need to learn your way around.


If you’re like most of our teachers, you might not have grown up with swing music. But because of its clear structures, swing music is easy to dance to, and it has an upbeat and exciting energy that makes you want to move.
Did you know that swing music is based on African rhythms? Research even shows that listening to percussive African music has real biological benefits! Especially when you combine that with dancing and moving it has a very positive impact on us.

Swing Dance Classes

Experience Flow:

The cores of our classes are designed using the research of a great psychologist by the name of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. He coined a term called “flow”, also known as being in “the zone”. When you are in the flow state during an activity you’ll experience energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment.
The pedagogic concepts that we’ve developed for teaching social dancing promote this feeling of achievement and spontaneous joy that you can see and hear in class through loud laughter and spontaneous high-fives.

Cooperative Partner Dancing:

Another reason why Lindy Hop is so awesome is that, even though we have classic roles of leader and follower, we have a 50-50 relationship where both dancers are responsible for and contribute equally to creating the experience. This gives equal space for anyone to contribute to making this a great dance, no matter whether you’re a leader or follower, and no matter how advanced your partner is as a dancer.

Network and connections:

When you take swing dance classes, you might discover a person who is working at a company that you would like to work at and you can form a connection with them. OR, you find plenty of researchers working on topics that fit you and perhaps a new collaboration is formed. But the most common exchange among swing dancers comes from people traveling and hosting each other, and helping each other around in a new city.



Even a one-time experience with Swing dancing will bring you great enjoyment and rewards. However, SwingStep’s mission is to inspire you to turn this into a lifestyle! We believe that if you repeat this experience on a weekly basis on weekdays and weekends you’ll experience a whole new level of life enjoyment.

We believe that there are huge benefits if you spend your free time learning this dance, traveling to new countries to dance and immerse yourself into its culture.

What can be better than getting together with your friends for some physical movement, a light drink and social hangout after a day of work or studying? Swing dancing brings a great balance into the modern life where we spend a lot of time sitting at our computers.


You will be part of a great supportive and respectful community who come together to share the joy of dancing together. The most predominant value we have as a global community is our ability to meet and social dance together, no matter whether you learned the dance in Germany, Sweden, America or any other continent! This makes us learn and understand different cultures and encourages international diversity.

The dance brings men and women together and empowers them equally in the dance. Both because we share the responsibility of communication and rhythmical movements equally between the two roles AND because it’s popular and common to switch roles.


It was best said by the Flight Of The Conchords:

“Cuz everything is just right, conditions are perfect.”

When the conditions are perfect, you find yourself in an ecstatic mood. You lose track of time and you feel connected to your surroundings.

Have you ever felt such an excitement about an activity from the first moment you attended it, that you find yourself telling all your friends to go there? That’s the feeling you get when the core values of the event match your core values.


From the beginning we knew about the importance of operating with a set of fundamental values that would not change because of “business needs” or “popular trends”. We even wrote a popular e-book on its importance and how a dance community can figure out what their values are and how they can implement it. Click here to read more!

We’d like to share our top 3 core values with you, to introduce ourselves and let you know what we stand for. We invite you to always hold us accountable to these values; if you notice inconsistencies, please do give us feedback so that we can keep improving – click here to visit our feedback page.

  • Share to grow has been the number one core value of SwingStep from its foundation. Often people tell us that we are creating our own competition by sharing everything we’ve learned, but we simply see a lot of growth both for ourselves and the people we share our knowledge with.

    • Here are a few ways you can experience Share to Grow from SwingStep:
      https://swingstep.com/goodies/ A website where we share information about fitness for dancers, teachers training and more. We also provide two complete swing dance lesson DVDs for free. If you are captivated by what we present in these videos you will love our courses. There won’t be any surprises or confusion over who we are, what we care for AND what you’ll pay for.
    • www.LindyHopMoves.com: Many people don’t know what teachers to look for, or what keywords to type into youtube or other sources for free videos. LHM aims to make the experience easy by scouring the web to find the good free instruction videos and compile them in a way that’s organized and easy to use.
      Outside-of-class contact and help from your teachers: we provide lots of ways to improve your Lindy hop experience like summary videos of class material and free practice times so you can improve your dancing, all the way to connecting with another swing community if you’re moving away to a new city.
    • Free practice times in our studios: our dance floors are open once a week for anyone to come and practice. This offer extends to all swing dancers – not matter which school or club you usually dance in. During free practice, everybody can work on the topic they want. We provide the space and the music.
    • Complementary video at the end of each class: After every class, we make a recap video of the class material and send you the email link to it so you can practice in between classes or review all the things you’ve learned in your courses.


  • When we started to teach, before we knew how to project our core values, we found ourselves in environments where students wanted to have undemanding experiences instead of an opportunity for transformation and change.

    It was not easy for us to keep our motivation in this environment. At first, we tried to “hide” the technique inside the moves. Today, we put our technique on the front page, meaning that’s why people come to our classes. The counterintuitive result is that with this approach our students actually learned more moves in an easier way than they previously did. They feel a lot more enjoyment and success because now things just work! The more interesting result is that we are getting more students than ever.

  • The lofty idea behind this is that we want our dancers to be the best they can be. We believe, the most important quality we can have as teachers is to have a higher vision for our students than what they have for themselves. That’s how we ensure we always deliver more value than what you are paying for. To us, this means that you’ll learn how to dance with anyone around the world with great clarity in your movements AND get your partner to smile, laugh and really enjoy the dance.

    There are two important elements to stimulate this core value: good technique, and laughter. These are built into every single class of our syllabus:

    Element 1: The right amount of challenge! At each moment, we share one, and only one, new piece of information, then let you dance it. If you are an absolute beginner, you’ll start with walking, then adding bounce, then adding direction changes and then increasingly more complicated forms of direction changes. If you check out our free beginners dance videos you can see what this looks like. Just go to the free-video page and see for yourself.

    Element 2: The right amount of empathy! In class, we ask students to play with fun elements like mirroring and energy level. That’s when the laughter starts. People start goofing around, dancing in slow-motion, doing high-fives and all sorts of fun stuff that we love to see on the Lindy Hop dance floor.

Any questions? Write us an email: [email protected] or call us: +49 (0) 30 - 40 36 4 36 36*

* We generally prefer and respond quicker if you contact us via e-mail. If you leave us a message with contact information on our voicemail we are going to call you back as soon as possible, but it might take some days.