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We have some of the internationally most wanted Swing DJs in our team – and they just wait to make your event a musical craze and give it the right vintage touch!

DJ Greta

Greta started off as a techno-Dj in her hometown Leipzig, Germany – that’s why she can’t leave those equalizers alone. Due to the lack of classic swing music in her local scene, she began dj-ing swing music almost at the same time she took up Lindy Hopping. After moving to France in 2009 she soon became one of the resident-Djs for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues in the Studio Hop Toulouse, leading to gigs at Lindy Shock, Herräng, ESDC, Snowball and Grenoble Swing Dance Festival among others. Greta loves the late night hours of a dance and will never stop playing music “until there’re only two couples left on the dance floor, with one of them making out”. But meanwhile, we aren’t even sure about that…

DJ Mad Oli

Is he Mad? He is, for several reasons: Going Mad on the dance floor, going Mad on his tunes, having a Mad sense for the right music at the right time – and being Madly hung up on hats! Starting DJing in 2010, mainly because he was not hearing the songs he wanted to dance to often enough, he soon found his own style of DJing and seems to be quite appreciated for that. In the last two years he enjoyed and was enjoyed playing his tunes on the Maddest dance events around Europe. Budapest, Cracow, Praque and Gent were only a few stations on his trips. Now he is looking forward to visit your event and enrichen it with his favorite Swing tunes!

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