BOOST – Skyrocket your Lindy Hop

A Lindy Hop workshop in Berlin and Heidelberg

Tired of going to workshops where you take tons of classes, but at the end you can’t remember half of what you learned?  Want more power to drive toward your own learning goals?

What’s unique about Boost is, after each class you get to dig deeper, and you can choose what elements to focus on, for an in-depth individual training experience.

Here’s how you can boost your Lindy Hop in one weekend:

  • 3 hours of classes per day, where teachers will take you through concrete concepts and moves.
  • 5 hours of additional training time where a teacher is available to answer any of your dance questions… both related to the classes or other questions you might have.
  • You’ll learn how to use tools for both solo and partner training, to enhance and continue your learning at home.
  • NEW: 4 hours solo add-on! Included in Boost ticket, or even separately bookable for 50 Euro.
  • 1 evening party! on Friday in Berlin, on Saturday in Heidelberg.

I’ve been to plenty of other workshops where I learned a lot and then forgot it all the following week! Boost was different. By providing so much guided practice time you not only get to build the muscle memory but can feel confident that you’re performing the move correctly! I would gladly trade an extra hour or two of taster classes that so many other workshops offer for this sort of practice time…it was simply invaluable! -Paul McCloud

The possibility to train what you learned in class directly afterwards, with people who just learned that exact same thing, just helped so much in not losing what was topic of the class and forget about half of it, but really taking something home I can implement in my dancing. -Sarah

BOOST your Lindy Hop (full package): 

What: 16 hours of intense training [10:00 – 18:00 on Sat+Sun]
Levels: 2 levels – Intermediate, Advanced
Teachers: Clàudia Fonte & Ali Taghavi, Kris Blindert & Areski Stichweh
Language: English
Price: 120 Euro for the full weekend – including Boost your Solo Special track.

BOOST your SOLO (special track): 

What: 4 hours of solo classes [16:00 – 18:00 on Sat+Sun]
Levels: 1 level – Intermediate and up.
Teacher: Clàudia Fonte
Language: English
Price: 50 Euro

Where & When

BOOST Berlin: 13. / 14. April 2019

We had a great time! Stay tuned for what’s happening next year 🙂

BOOST Heidelberg: 28. / 29. September 2019

Your Weekend Schedule

The Boost schedule looks like this. As this is an unusual program, here comes a bit of explanation:

We start the event with two hours of regular class format. During this session, we will set up a topic and work on some fundamental concepts.

Whenever there is no class, we practice! There will be a teachers walking around to give individual feedback and help. At least one teacher will be available at any time between 10:00 – 18:00. However, how much of this time you want to spend for training is up to you; you choose when you want to take a break or when you want to stop for the day.




10 - 11



11 - 12


training time

12 - 13

training time


13 - 14

training time

training time

14 - 15



15 - 16

training time

training time

16 - 17

Room 1: BOOST your Solo class 1 // Room 2: training time

Room 1: BOOST your Solo class 3 // Room 2: training time

17 - 18

Room 1: BOOST your Solo class 2 // Room 2: training time

Room 1: BOOST your Solo class 4 // Room 2: training time

Level Descriptions

BOOST your Lindy Hop levels: 

  • Intermediate: You have been swing dancing for one year minimum, you are taking a weekly class and go social dancing occasionally. You are comfortable with the basics such as 8 count swing out, Lindy circle, 6 count basics and tuck turns, and side by side Charleston.
  • Advanced: You want to seriously geek out! You like fancy moves, but „Advanced basics“ is the thing you really want to work on more. Dancing is your life-style now and most of your vacation days are used for attending camps, events and workshops.

BOOST your Solo minimum level: 

  • You have at least a couple of months of Solo Jazz experience, you have some vintage jazz vocabulary and are familiar with Swing rhythms, maybe you even know some of the classic routines.

Workshop Locations


All classes will be in Berlin-Wedding.
Tanzraum Wedding
Oudenarder Straße 16-20
13347 Berlin,
2. OG, Aufgang A 8. (U-Bahn:  U9, Nauender Platz, TRAM: M 13, Osramhöfe)

No dark soles and hard heels allowed!! Only light/soft soles because of dancing carpet.



Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Plöck 105, 69117 Heidelberg

Guarantee and The way you'll learn

The Way You’ll Learn

Dancing is NOT easy! However, we have broken down Lindy Hop into its simplest building blocks. This is what we call the „SwingStep-by-Step“ system. Now, it’s easier than ever to learn how to dance with anyone you want, to any tempo of music, through our step-by-step process. The special benefit of this SwingStep workshop is that all the teachers are working with the SwingStep blueprint. No more contradictory explanations. No more unclear „just do it“ instructions. The concepts you’ll learn at this workshop have been tested all around Europe – and they work! In fact, we are so confident in what you are about to sign up for, that we removed all your risk by having a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not feel that you received the value you expected for your money, we’ll give you your money back!

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