Summer in Berlin

The perfect summer vacation for all of you who love to spend your summer exploring culture and dance!


What you get:

  • Experience 4 weeks of Lindy hoppin’ in the great city Berlin!
  • 5 hrs / week of Swing dance classes (partnered + solo) with the SwingStep team and guest teachers.
  • Pick one out of two cool Saturday Workshops every week (1,5 hrs each), lead by participants & guest teachers
  • “Infinite Practice Time”: Before / after your class you can continue practicing and exchanging with the other dancers in the little room
  • Find the right level within three levels we offer (more details below)
  • The schedule allows for plenty of leisure time (or work) during the days 🙂

Why Berlin?

  • It’s not too hot for dancing in the summer, but still very nice
  • You can go anywhere by bike
  • You can find relatively cheap accommodation and food in Berlin during the summer or share a place with other Lindy Hoppers
  • Spend good times in the historic, hip and cheap city of Berlin to explore its culture and friendly Lindy Hop community!

When: July 8th to August 4th 2019
Where: Monday – Friday: SwingStep (Theater 28), Prinzenallee 33, 13359 Berlin // Saturday: Tanzraum Wedding, Oudenarder StraĂźe 16-20, 13347 Berlin
Levels: 3 levels – Details see below
SwingStep Teachers: Aljoscha, Ananda, Ben, Jean, Katka (SwingStep Heidelberg), Lila, Maria, Oli, Slava, Susi, Tabea
Special Guests: More Info coming soon
Language: English is the official language of our classes during this period. However, sometimes we might translate to German.

4 weeks: 140€
3 weeks: 120€
2 weeks: 90€
1 week: 55€

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Mini Workshops
You can find the details of the MINI WORKSHOPS here with our fantasitc teachers Laura, Shannon, Anna, Micky Dee, Tap Kat & Enrico!

Share to Grow – Classes
Level 3 participants! Take this awesome opportunity and check out Share to grow

Level Descriptions

Level 1: You are taking a weekly class and go social dancing occasionally. You should already know the basic side-by-side movements in Lindy Hop and Charleston, transition into open position and a few of the classic passes or moves. (Swingstep: You have done Swing 2 – 3 untill summer)

Important! Level 1 is not for complete beginners. Check our Swing 1 courses for that:

Level 2: You are taking classes weekly and you go social dancing regularly. You know the basics of how to communicate steps versus triple steps and you are able to combine them freely into basic, well-known figures such as the sling-shot, tuck turns, circles, and swingouts. You should be able to both dance to faster songs in Charleston feeling and to medium-tempo songs in Lindy hop feeling. (Swingstep: You have done Swing 4 – Bachelor untill summer)

Level 3: You should be able to comfortably lead/follow swingouts to higher tempos – and switch between Lindy and Charleston with ease. Also, leading and following the free combination of steps, triples steps, kicks, ball-changes etc. is in your repertoire. You’ve been working on more fancy variations, including different types of turns and spins and you know how to use your arms to both match your movements and add some style to your look. (Swingstep: You have done some rounds of Swing Bachelor and up to Swing Master) -> Special Info fo  Level 3 Students Share to grow



In Berlin, you can social dance almost every evening. So we decided to concentrate this summer program on giving awesome classes in the early evening and then we can all go out dancing together in Berlin’s finest parties.


How to get to the class venue

Monday – Friday
SwingStep Berlin
Prinzenallee 33
close to U8 Pankstr., U9 Osloer Str., M13 Prinzenallee/Osloer Str.

Tanzraum Wedding
Oudenarder StraĂźe 16-20, 13347 Berlin
Close to U9 Nauener Platz / M13 Osramhöfe
Important: Only indoor shoes with white soles are allowed in this room.

Places to stay in Berlin

Locals reccomend to stay in these neighbourhoods:

Hostels close to SwingStep (Wedding/Mitte)
Hostels from Kreuzberg to Wedding

Private Hosting:

If you are interested to get hosted by some of our berlin dancers please write an Email asap to with the subject title “SiB – Private hosting”, and we will try to help you finding a place to stay.

Guarantee and The way you'll learn

The Way You’ll Learn

Dancing is NOT easy! However, we have broken down Lindy Hop into its simplest building blocks. This is what we call the “SwingStep-by-Step” system. Now, it’s easier than ever to learn how to dance with anyone you want, to any tempo of music, through our step-by-step process. The special benefit of this SwingStep workshop is that all the teachers are working with the SwingStep blueprint. No more contradictory explanations. No more unclear “just do it” instructions. The concepts you’ll learn at this workshop have been tested all around Europe – and they work! In fact, we are so confident in what you are about to sign up for, that we removed all your risk by having a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not feel that you received the value you expected for your money, we’ll give you your money back!

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