SwingSummit Registration

SwingSummit Registration – Step 1

Welcome to the SwingSummit registration.

Make sure that you read the instructions on the SwingSummit page, before you fill out the form.

The registration form has two steps. You need to fill out both steps in order to complete your registration.
Note: You can mention your dance partner in the registration form, but he or she needs to sign up as well.

Step 1:
Start by filling out the form below with basic contact and camp information.

Step 2:
Once you completed stage one, you will be directed to a second form, where you answer some additional questions.

Registration is currently not open, stay tuned 🙂

Any questions? Write us an email: dance@swingstep.com or call us: +49 (0) 30 - 40 36 4 36 36*

* You will most likely reach us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 12 - 2pm. If not, we promise to call or write back within a day.