If you've had the chance to work on this program, we would love it if you'd be willing to help us out. We're trying to help more dance teachers improve their teaching skills and be able to spread the joy of dancing even more. But just hearing about this program from us isn't enough. Hearing it from you will make it easier for others to decide if the program is right for them. If you could write us a testimonial about your experience with our program, that we could share with others, that would help us a lot. 

You can write anything you want, but if you want some inspiration, use these 3 questions: 

What specific challenges did you have before signing up? 

How has this program helped you find solutions to your challenges?

What would you tell others to encourage them to sign up to this program?

Ideally for us, if you could include your name (and your school's name), that would be amazing. If you can provide a website, then we can link to it in the testimonial (a link-back can be valuable for your school too, since as you know search engines will give you a better ranking if you're frequently linked). Or, if you'd prefer your testimonial to be anonymous, just let us know.

Simply send an email to [email protected] It'd mean the world to us.

Thank you!

Ali, Kris, and the SwingStep team

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