The Rhythm Section

Welcome to our course all about rhythm!

Rhythm is so  crucial to lindy hop. When you understand and express your rhythm better, your movements will look and feel better, and your dancing can better reflect the feel and values of this Black American art form. In this course we'll share ideas and exercises that we love, which have helped many students make their dancing more rhythmical, more "in the pocket" of the music. Our goal is to help you develop your ability to hear and react more in each moment of your dancing; we'll explore a variety of approaches to improve your awareness and build references in your own body, and we'll give you a few variations and decorations to give your training some fun and variety, and all so that you'll be better able to express yourself in a way that matches the rhythm section.

This course is meant for lindy hoppers who are already comfortable with the basic ideas and repertoire of the dance, and we'll work on both your solo and your partnered dancing. The first class is an introduction and listening session, and for the rest of the course we'll hit the dance floor to put those ideas into practice.

IN PROGRESS: we're in the process of recording and editing this course; we're aiming for about 8-10 lessons in total and it may take some time before they're all published. Thanks for your patience!

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