The Trickeration is an amazing jazz routine.  It has such strong and inspiring rhythms, such a great flow and groove, when you dance it you feel like you’re really swinging.  It also has some real challenging moments, it can be hard to get “just right”, so it’s a great routine to use for training.

The Trickeration is also rooted in the history of the dance; an old Harlem chorus line routine, shared with modern lindy hoppers by the late great Norma Miller and passed on by those who learned from her, carrying it forward lets us be a part of the lineage of swing dance and its culture.

Come join the other worldwide fans of the Trickeration – make your dancing more cool, more rhythmical, more swinging, more tricky!

What will I learn in this course?

Of course you’ll learn the routine itself, we’ll guide you step-by-step through all the moves and sequences you need to be able to dance the Trickeration with confidence. But you’ll get much more than just a routine out of this course! You’ll also train important concepts that will improve your dancing overall:

Basic rhythm, groove and posture

Swinging rhythm; Ball-changes, Half-breaks

Changing the groove to fit your movement

“Air-time”; precise combos

What should I know before I join this course?

This course is mixed-level solo dancing, from beginner-intermediate all the way up – anyone can benefit from this course, even advanced dancers.  We will build up each movement “from scratch” with no assumptions about which moves you know, but the learning pace will be fairly quick and the techniques and sequences are not easy.

If you haven’t done much solo jazz before, you might feel more comfortable with our Al & Leon Shim Sham course first, or even Solo Jazz Basics (which also has a lot of not-so-basic challenges in it).  On the other hand, if you are eager to work hard or a fast learner, you can even give it a go without any prior experience.

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