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What to teach in beginner classes and how to word it

  • How to Decide What to Teach
  • Language in Action – Words we Use to Describe Dance

How to help students learn faster and
develop true passion

  • How to Create Class Content for Dancers
  • A Class Design Tool: the WWHWW Framework

How to maintain a healthy voice even after hours of teaching dance

  • Why Dance Teachers Exhaust Their Voice Too Early

How to Adjust the difficultiy of any class
on the fly

  • How to Adjust Complexity in Class

“We apply these unique concepts every day to create amazing classes
we and our students truely love.”

Your Coach Kris

12 Years of being a professional international dance teacher

10 Years experience teaching dance teachers internationally

Taught dance teachers in over 40 cities across the world

Your Coach Ali

Runs 2 successful dance schools in Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany

Created some of the biggest swing dancing Festivals in europe

Has helped dozens of upcoming dancers build an international teaching carreer

“The concepts are applied human psychology,
so they will work whatever dance you teach.”

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