Willkommen zum Swingtanzen in Berlin!
Fragen? berlin@swingstep.com / 0162 - 427 122 4

SommerUni Woche 8: Montag: 19:00 Int: Lindy Flash Moves - Oli & Maite 20:15 Beg: Triple Steps - Oli & Maite 21:00 Monday Social mit DJ Nickname :-) Dienstag: 18:30 alle Levels: Eccentric Dancing & Funny Moves - Oli Mittwoch 18:30 Beg/Int: Afro Dance - Jean & Debora (Peru) Special: Mini Live Set mit Percussion und Bass Donnerstag 18:30 Adv: Really randomize your footwork - Oli Friday 19:00 Beg/Int: Slides - Ananda & Maxi 20:15 Free Practice Time https://youtu.be/f5DcVUgnm80 ... See MoreSee Less

ILHC 2016 - Solo Jazz / Charleston Finals

Taken at The International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC. Visit http://www.ilhc.com for more information. Naomi Uyama (US) Elze Visnevskyte (Lith...

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Tonight is the Sensa(c)tion Berlin Main Party! 21:00 Free taster class for all levels: Camel Walk Bonanza with Areski & Kris 22:00 Party with Dj Katja, Dj Cathy Fitzgerald, Dj Greta no cover fee (eintritt frei) Are you ready for a looong night of social dancing? The DJs are playing as long as you're staying! See you there :D ... See MoreSee Less

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Sensa(c)tion is starting tonight!!! 20:30 Free Taster for all levels with Oliver: Surprise your feet! Learn how to keep the rhythm without needing to care about your footwork. 21:30 Welcome Party with Dj Chris Wild & Dj Greta - Free Entry And Claire Chen will bring some pairs of Slide & Swing-Shoes to shine your feet! See you on the dancefloor! ... See MoreSee Less

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Double trouble ahead: Ron & Ali will be teaching the first Lindy Hop class today at 18:30 - don't miss out! ... See MoreSee Less

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Attention dear SommerUniSurpiseWeek-Students!!!! Please wear comfortable clothes for the class on Thursday 19:50 with Elisabetta and Szymon! I guess very tight Jeans, a Miniskirt and high heels don´t fall in that categorie "comfortable" :-) ... See MoreSee Less

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