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Mondaymonday, 24.10.2016 Starter of the week 19:00 Drop in Intermediate Hand to Hand Charleston Variation with Slava & Jean 20:15 Drop in Beginner 21:00 Monday Social with Jean´s favorite swing tunes https://youtu.be/PenoKbPtpEk?t=17s ... See MoreSee Less

Toprock Hustle with EZ Mike and Jazzy Jes

Performed by Jazzy Jes and Ez Mike of the Rock Steady Crew. Song: "You're doing with her" Artist: Rhetta Hughes

12 hours ago

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TODAY, 21.10.2016 Your swinging friday! 19:00 Drop in Beg/int - Supersize your Tuck Turn 20:15 Free Practice Time - Supersize yourself your favorite moves from the last 6 weeks 22:00 Party Swingin' Friday with Nickname, the music governor ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1sSvb_9hx0 ... See MoreSee Less

Harlem Hot Shots in Seoul - Charleston in the 1950s

October 16-17 2016 @ Seoul, South Korea Live Band: Hornsgatan Ramblers​ - Wilhelm Novak - Sebastian Svensson - Emil Håkansson - Fredrik Dahlberg - Rikard Eks...

3 days ago

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17.10.2016 This is going to be hot again! Monday night at Swingstep - Jeder ist tanzbar: 19:00 Drop in Intermediate, - "The (In)famous Savoy Swing Out" 20:15 Drop in Beginner 21:00 Monday Social with great DJ Greta! https://youtu.be/BzmgTqOkmAI ... See MoreSee Less

ALICE & FELIPE - shaKe that laKe 2016

International Swing Festival by G-swing Association Geneva (Switzerland), October 2016 Filmmaker: Vanessa del Campo

1 week ago

Phil WillIs it the same beginner-drop-in like fridays? :)1 week ago

October 14, Friday´s Tuck turn and Practice time at Swingstep: 19:00 Triple Step Tuck Turn Variations with Ananda & Maxi 20:15 Free Practice Time with each and everyone https://youtu.be/mt2FqZGhTNg ... See MoreSee Less

HARLEM 2015: Harlem Hot Shots

shooters: Mimmi Gunnarsson Bringlöv, Sakarias Larsson, Rikard Ekstrand, Fredrik Dahlberg camera man: Titas Satkūnas edit: Lukas Gužauskas www.harlem.lt www.l...

2 weeks ago

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Berlins Lindy scene just got another member: Happy Birthday Louis, we can't wait to see you bounce baby bounce! ... See MoreSee Less

It's incredible, how much impact Swing Dancing has on so many lives. We are so thankful to have experienced so many wonderful moments of joy, to have met so many beautiful people in this community, to have found our love and a wonderful baby. Dear all, we're happy to introduce to you the newest member in our life: the lil' Louis! We're all healthy, but tired and of course superhappy! For a while, we'll stay together at home, before going back to Swing school. In the meantime we make sure, you'll enjoy the best classes with our great substitute teachers we carefully selected for you! All classes are still happening as usually, if not, then we'll inform you beforehand. Thanks everyone & keep on Swingin'! Eva, Louis & Duc #BounceBabyBounce #SwingDancingSavedMyLife #LindyLife #Swingspiration

2 weeks ago

Mari OnYeahhhhhhhh! Phantastisch, freue mich sooooooo sehr für euch! Eine wundervolle Anfangszeit für euch 3! :*2 weeks ago

Jutta SiCongratualations ! 😀2 weeks ago