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From: Heike Phillips on 24 Aug 2022

Dear Kris and Ali,

First of all, thank you to you both and your team for inviting me to enjoy the “freebies” and I am happy to let you know that everything was really fantastic.

I habe some experience with online training as I was a member with [retracted]’s online school as well as [retracted]’s.

And I have to say: YOU ARE MY NUMBER 1!

I can remember that Ali asked me once what I would expect from online traing and I have found everything in your online teaching videos/classes:

I liked very much that it was like attending a class without having to stop and start the videos constantly – Wow!

Fantastic – The moves were not only explained from the “outside” but also what happens in the body to bring the move about. E.g. Ali explains his favorite move and explains that the leg is being dragged by moving the hip forward not bringing the leg. This can not be seen on screen or even in a classroom, this needs to be mentioned. And you did! This I miss very often that a move (turns and spins are a good example) is only explained from the “outside” but much depends on the “inside”.

The structure of the classes is also really worth mentioning. I can see how much teaching experience and thought had gone into the online classes you developed.

And as there is not always a dance partner at hand: I appreciate very much that you give a lot of information about how to use the class material alone (shadow dancing etc.).

After “trying out” the classes I can truly recommend them to other dancers as I can see how much my dancing can improve by training regularly with the classes as they give me valuable information, structure and a class roome feeling which makes it fun to train at home.

I will definitely continue with the classes as I am now very curious what is all waiting there for me.

See you soon!

Lots of love


From: Leonardo on 21 July 2022

Q1: How likely are you to recommend SwingStep to your friends?
Please give a number between 0 (not good) and 10 (great).

Answer: 10

Q2: If you’re new to dancing: When you think back to before you started, what fears did you have about taking dance classes and how do you think about it today?

Answer: that i will look dumb, but now i get that that is a given, but it does not matter because it is just the first step

Q3: If you’re an experienced dancer: in what way has Lindy Hop influenced you?

Answer: great i thought i was introverted but now i realize im very much more extroverted

From: Daniel Owen on 20 July 2022

I can highly recommend the online class. I was previously not interested in learning online but stumbled upon the 1hr “class setup” on YouTube and found it way better than  5min videos here and there. 

Lindy hop has really changed the way I see socialising in general. For me it’s a great way to meet very nice and fun people. 

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