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  • We’ve changed how we name our lessons!

    We’ve changed how we name our lessons! Lately we’ve been exploring new approaches for how we want to name our lessons here at SwingStep, and now we feel ready to roll out a new naming system across the board in both Heidelberg and Berlin. In this blog post we’ll give you a summary of the […]

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  • A simple guide for practicing partnered dance alone

    The process of practising dance is not easy. Practising partnered dance alone is even that much more difficult. However, practising alone can be delightful with the tips you’ll learn here. Some of the challenges we need to overcome are knowing what to work on, how to give ourselves feedback, and how to make it engaging enough to come back to it repeatedly. Here we share with you what tools you can use when practising Lindy Hop alone, what you can practice, and what mindset will help you grow as a dancer.

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