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Lindy Hop

The most common word you’ll hear when learning about Lindy Hop is fun!

And it’s so much more than just fun. This dance was born of hard times, of people creating something new, pushing past their stresses and troubles and finding joy. Today we try to keep that spirit going — the main goal of each Lindy Hop activity is to have you smile and laugh while fully immersed in this dance.

You might ask yourself why is this so fun? Is it comical? Are the teachers that entertaining? We believe that although both these things might be true, the reason why it’s so fun is because it’s truly adaptive, empowering and social!

Come alone, come with a friend, or come with a whole crew in tow – anybody can join…

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Even though we have classic partner-dance concepts where there is a leader and a follower, the relationship is….

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In classes you learn the basic techniques to communicate with your partner.  Part of what we teach is how to adapt to…

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If you watch these videos you’ll see what we mean:

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