Pay-it-forward Fund

For most people in our community, Lindy Hop is much more than just a hobby. It’s a source of energy, a passion, a place filled with laughter and friendship.  

We wish for as many people as possible to meet and dance together, no matter their financial situation. That’s why we decided to create a fund that grants financial support to people who might have difficulties paying for their classes. We don’t want a lack of money to come in the way of participating in the dance and our community.

Our inspiration

We were inspired by a couple who showed their love and passion for the swing dance community by paying for a fellow student’s course(s), so this person could continue dancing and they could continue to meet in their classes. We felt that this was such a generous and lovely gesture, so we’ve thought of a way to make it possible for more people to contribute to and receive this generosity. 

Who can ask for money from the fund? 

This money is intended for those who, without this fund, could not participate in SwingStep’s activities. It is important to us that you know that anyone asking for support does not need to justify their situation to us. You might be a student, unemployed, or simply had high unexpected expenses and need to make difficult financial decisions. If you need this financial boost at the moment, the fund is one way the community can help you.

If you like our idea and would like to help, too, you can support this fund by donating to it. Either by simply sending money to the bank account with the description “Pay-it-forward Fund” or you can top off your registration payment with a bit more to support the fund. 

Anticipated Questions

This is a new project that we hope will make a difference in the community. As we are learning and improving the concept, we thought of questions you might have and wrote down our answers:

You can ask to reduce as much of your course payment as you need. However, we are not aiming to give away the entirety of the available amount as quickly as possible. We want to maximize on how many people can join our classes while making sure that the program is sustainable. This will very much depend on how many people are asking to be funded and how much donation support we get.

We believe that people will use the funding program in an honest, honorable and responsible way, meaning they only ask if, without it, they wouldn’t be able to join. The fund is not meant to see how much discount one can get. Because we trust our community, we leave the reasoning and decision fully to the person requesting support and neither demand any proof of their need nor check up on their situation at any point in time.

We make the decision at regular intervals, synchronised with our course-round schedule. Anyone who requested support will be informed by email before the course starts.

Since this is new for us, it’s hard to predict the rate of sponsored money coming in and funded money going out. So it can very well happen that we do not have available funds at times. However, if this affects you, we might be able to find other ways to make it possible for you to join our classes, just let us know about the issue and we’ll see what we can do.

You decide! We want to make it possible for the community to express gratitude to donors in various ways. By default and in line with data privacy laws, we will not disclose any names unless you give us permission to publish your name.

As we are a registered business, we will need to pay 19% VAT tax on any money coming into our accounts, even if it is intended as a donation from you to another member of the community. However, we decided to absorb that VAT so that 100% of the amount you donate goes into this fund!

Offering financial support is a gesture of goodwill and generosity from our community to individuals. However, a request for support does not entitle an individual to receive a specific amount. Any rude or threatening behaviour towards our staff and admin, or attempts to pressure them into awarding a certain amount, can result in exclusion from the funding program.

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