There is nothing more influential in a dancer’s life than the first beginner lessons. 

This is where your students get hooked while also establishing what they’ll expect and demand of you in the future. 

In this short training, we share with you how teachers actually make their lives more difficult when making things easier for their students. 

And what if you had a personal sparring partner to help you implement what you’re learning into your own classes? 

Sign up and get the free lesson and the free 30-minute sparring session with Ali to work on how you can improve your dance classes so your students happily take classes with you long term.

Sign up and get the free lesson and the free 30-minute sparring session with Ali to work on how you can improve your dance classes and create a community with aligned values, so your students happily take classes with you long term.

Additional Information

Ali has been teaching dance since 2006, and has since been invited to teach not only dance, but also give seminars about teaching and business concepts, for dance schools in most cities in Europe as well as many cities around the world. You can find him on youtube by simply searching for Ali Taghavi. 

He founded his first company, SwingStep, in 2010. At any given time, SwingStep has  8-15 full-time employees. Together, the SwingStep team builds festivals and runs local dance schools in two cities in Germany, as well as an online dance school with students from all over the world.

SwingStep has hosted seven residencies, in which dancers have visited for several months to work with the team and learn from Ali and the team to help build their own dance careers. Ali has also personally mentored and coached several more dancers over months and years – many of whom are now internationally recognised teachers and running schools of their own.

Ali has helped people to:

  • develop a strategy and path towards becoming a full-time dance instructor.
  • improve how they attract opportunities to teach.
  • build company structures to run dance schools and events.
  • create and manage budgets.
  • build teams.
  • find productivity and time management solutions for artists who need to juggle many tasks at once.

The events Ali and his team organise have attracted thousands of dancers from all over the world. Every year Chase Festival, with an annual operating budget of 100,000€, has brought in 1200 guests to Heidelberg. SwingSummit is a dance retreat in the south of France; due to popular demand it has run for six full weeks each summer. Beyond these events, the SwingStep team, run by Ali, has organised about eight other small-to-medium events each year.

Ali has Been Training Teachers in 40 Cities

Ali has held teacher training workshops in 40 Cities all around the globe:

Chile (Santiago)
Czech Republic (Prague)
Denmark (Copenhagen)
Finland (Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Vaasa)
France (Ardèche, Grenoble, Montpellier, Poitiers, Le Mans)
Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg)
Hungary (Budapest)
Israel (Tel Aviv)
Italy (Policoro)
Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht)
Norway (Oslo, Trondheim)
Portugal (Lisbon)
Spain (Barcelona, Palma)
Sweden (Göteborg, Malmö, Linköping)
Switzerland (Bern, Winterthur, Zurich)
UK (Durham, Edinburgh, London)

You can find Ali on Facebook here:

This coaching is not a sales pitch. It’s all about you, and how you can implement the concepts, you will learn after signing into your teaching.

Whenever you feel ready to have your session with Ali, use the Calendly link in the confirmation email to select a time that suits you. Once it’s time, hop onto a Google Meet with Ali to talk about how you can implement these concepts in your specific teaching situation.

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With the Internet being full of scams and tricks and free offers it’s only natural that you are suspicious, so we’re telling you exactly why we are doing this:

For our dance schools, we have built systems that make our lives easier and help us deliver better classes. Teaching concepts, business systems and software solutions. This free content is our way to connect with you directly as a dance teacher and show you that we can help you by actually helping you first so you can see for yourself if it’s interesting to continue working with us.

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