Teacher Training Program for Teams

We are excited that you want to sign up for the Teacher Training Program as a team! Here, we want to share with you the aspects of the full program that is unique to the subscription. For the full program explanation, please see the main page.

With this subscription, you have access to:

A Full Range of Lessons and Coaching

You Can Start Training Right Away

  • You’ll have access to all the content right away!
  • Lessons are available in text and audio: read or listen, as you prefer.
  • Most of the lessons are also translated into German.
  • Many lessons also have accompanying videos and graphics.
  • Each lesson also includes exercises for you to work on.

Pause or cancel anytime

Monthly payment reminders are sent 5 days before payment is taken so you don’t have to worry about forgetting you have this subscription.

Invoices are sent automatically

Pause or cancel anytime without any fees.