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Looking for training that helps you build a solid dance pedagogy from the ground up, with a community that supports you on your journey?

We all become dance teachers out of passion. That’s why losing students hurts… Did they get bored? Was it too hard? Didn’t they like me? How did I fail to communicate my passion?

You want your classes to fill your students with the same joy and passion you feel, and let them inspire you just as much as you inspire them. You want to feel confident about your classes knowing that you can handle even the most difficult situation.

Whether you are new to teaching or have years of experience, you’ll get many useful insights throughout the entire training that can help you make better decisions as a teacher.

We’re working hard behind the scenes to get this program ready for you.
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How this Course Works

In this course we’re sharing our knowledge and skills, developed over more than a decade. They have helped us become recognized as sought-after teachers, allowing us to share our dance and teaching skills at dance workshops all around the world.

And, after years of sharing our knowledge with other dance teachers through seminars and coaching, we have now finally created an online training program. This program gives you a more extensive dance teacher’s education than we’ve ever been able to offer before – that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your own home or studio, and with more content, more support, more implementation time, at a very affordable price.

What you’ll learn

Throughout this course, we’ll guide you and help you build up a solid knowledge base with skills that allow you to help your students get to their learning zone quickly and stay there longer. Using this course, you will be able to address these, and many more, questions…

Lessons 1 – 5:

  • How do I share the things about the dance that are really important to me?
  • How can I build up my material in an engaging and fun way?
  • How can I make sure my students really focus on the important things?
  • How can I analyze a move to be ready for my students’ questions?
  • How do I plan a class that students will love?
  • How can I make sure my students come back for more?
  • How do I give my students clear tasks?
  • How can I spontaneously change my plan to better match my students’ needs?

Lessons 6+:

  • How can I best handle conflicts between me and my partner or my students?
  • How should I talk so that my students listen?
  • How should I give feedback to my students?
  • How can I get instant attention from my students?
  • How can I make sure I can answer my students’ questions?
  • How do I read the room to know when to move on?
  • How can I be sure I have fresh material to share with my students?
  • How do I ensure my students develop their own ideas and skills as dancers?
  • How can I take care of my own needs as a teacher and artist?
  • How can I design a progression with a consistent throughline?


Monthly Subscription

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  • full access to all our Pedagogy AND Dance online courses! That’s 90+ hours of instruction videos covering beginner to advanced content!
  • access to regular Zoom activities such as “Train Together” (using our courses or your own material), Jazz Roulette, Socials and more!
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You can

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All our subscriptions come with a first 30 day money back guarantee. If you sign up for a subscription, and after the first 30 days you feel it was not what you expected and you are not satisfied with the experience, you can ask for part or all of your money back. We believe our services will bring you a lot of value so we are confident that we can provide you this guarantee.

Want to join but you’re unable to afford the subscription? We have created a fund to make subscriptions accessible to everyone, no matter their financial situation. Check out our Pay-it-forward Fund!

5% of all our net revenue goes to our mindfulness budget, which allocates funds to environmental organisations as well as anti-racism and Black inclusivity projects.

If you are only interested in purchasing a single course, please contact us.

We’re working hard behind the scenes to get this program ready for you.
Please come back in January!

FAQ about Teachers Pass Subscriptions

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You can control your subscription, including canceling it, by going to your Account Page, under the “Subscription” heading.

You will continue to have access to the online content until the end of the remaining 30-day period. After this period ends, you will no longer have access, and you will no longer be charged for the subscription; you can always come back to your account and reactivate your subscription to regain access.

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FAQ about the Online Program

Our Getting Started course is full of tips on how to use our video player, what content is in the classes, how to use zoom, and more. You can access this course as soon as you’ve created an account, even without an online pass.

We have regular zoom activities where you can meet someone from the team for questions. The best occasions are the Train Together sessions.

You can also contact us through our slack and facebook communities, we’re happy to connect and chat there too – you can ask questions, you can send us a video to get feedback, whatever works for you.

Or you can send us an email with any questions.

In the videos, the teachers will speak English. However, in most of our online sessions you can also ask your question in German.

This is a troubleshooting help section so that you can quickly get back to dancing if something goes wrong.

The first thing we need to figure out is if your issue is “global” in nature, meaning if our server or website is not working and it’s not only you who are having this problem, or if the problem is local to your computer or phone.

Let’s start with a few steps you can immediately take in order to figure out if the problem is with your system:

Test 1: Is it your internet connection?

If you click on this link: https://fast.com/ You can test the current SPEED of your internet connection. If you are watching a video, the download speed is important.

You should also consider testing the STABILITY of your internet connection. We found this service online that can help you quickly get an impression of your stability: http://startrinity.com/InternetQuality/ContinuousBandwidthTester.aspx#run_in_browser (you don’t need to insert any of your information to get an impression of your internet stability, just click on the start test button and information will appear underneath it)…

Stop the test after you get an impression of your internet stability. If most of it is green, your connection is fine. If most of it is red, you might need to talk to your internet provider.

If your internet speed is less than 40 Mbps, consider reducing the video quality; that might already give you a better experience. Some services like youtube actually do this automatically for you, but we are mainly using vimeo (because they do less data tracking on you), and with vimeo you will need to change the settings yourself. Each of our videos has a little “gear wheel” at the bottom right where you can change video quality.

Another step you can take to make sure your internet experience is better when you don’t have a strong connection is to make sure to close any additional apps or tabs you may have open. Each opened browser tab uses your computer and internet resources. If you have a tendency to open a lot of tabs so it looks something like this on the top of your browser, it is possible that you are using up a lot of memory that slows down your overall experience.

Test 2 – Is it your browser?

There are two quick ways you can test to see if your browser is causing the issue. The first is to open up a different browser. E.g., if you use Chrome, open Firefox, Explorer or Safari and log into swingstep.com to see if the same problems occur there. If it’s working in the other browser, then there is something about your preferred browser that is not working with our website.

A quick way to test that is to open up an “Incognito” window on your preferred browser; log into swingstep.com from there and see if the problem still persists. (Each browser has its own way of offering an incognito window, so if you need to learn how to do that, do an internet search for “open an incognito tab” and add either your browser or phone & browser name etc and you’ll quickly find an answer.)

Test 3 – what about my browser is causing swingstep.com not to work properly?

There are several reasons why our internet browsers can mess with our online experience. Here are the standard issues that we’ve seen users face:

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Test 4 – Is your computer hard disk full?

Another tricky possibility is that the hard-disk space on your actual computer can block you from even opening internet pages if it is completely full. This is extremely rare, but worth looking for in case nothing else helps. 

Specific cases

Here are some specific cases that have happened to other members and how we were able to help them. Check to see if one of these applies to you too…

Problem: “I had a total error with the site. I could sign in at the beginning but when I checked the course and I clicked ‘completed’ it broke down and I can’t sign in anymore at the moment.”

Explanation of the issue: Today, many services add information to your browser search. Sometimes, after browsing the web for a while, you have so much information added to your browser that it exceeds the amount of information that can be transferred over the http headers. In this case for example, the information “course completed” was the drop that made the bucket spill over.

Solution: Try clearing your cache and your cookies. On a mobile device, this may mean that you need a browser cold-restart. (Unfortunately, every phone does this a little differently; to find out how yours works, perform an internet search using keywords like “How To Force Quit Apps” or “how to cold start” and include your phone model.)

Global issues

If you’ve tried all the above options and our site is still not working for you, it is very possible that the problem is on our side. Please let us know and we will troubleshoot on our side to fix it. And, of course, If we’ve fixed it from our side but it is still not working for you, please let us know so that we can troubleshoot together. Send us an email at [email protected].

Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Send an email to [email protected], describing the problem as specifically as you can, and we’ll get back to you.

Getting into the Learning Zone

All learning happens outside your comfort zone!

What makes a great teacher is their ability to elegantly dance on the edges of their students’ comfort zones and build the trust with their students to stay on that edge until they get comfortable… and then, repeat!

Inside our comfort zone, we fulfill our need for certainty; we are at ease with what knowledge we have. Simultaneously, we feel a need for exploration, adventure and belonging. People who come to your dance classes are hoping your lessons will get their needs met. They might ask themselves questions like: are you the right guide? will they feel a challenge and enjoy being outside their comfort zone? will they feel safe?

The “learning zone” is a narrow and ever-changing band; the place where our needs for exploration and excitement can be met. While students are engaged there, they’ll develop familiarity; and with that, it transforms into a comfort zone and no longer brings growth and adventure.  At this point boredom might creep in and we might even lose this student… unless we can begin that dance all over again by pushing further.

Unfortunately, this motivation to push outside the comfort zone can easily make you stray too far and pull your students into the “panic zone”. This is a place of emotional distress; students feel overwhelmed and no longer find enjoyment. Each time a student enters the panic zone, they lose trust in you as a guide; if you don’t know how to regain their trust you might lose the student. 

The clarity you have about your values and preferences; the choices you make prior to class; 

the relationship and trust you build with your students; and how well you adapt to your students’ needs in the moment; all these will determine how well you continuously keep each one of your students inside their learning zones throughout your class, and – more importantly – what kind of dancers they will become.

Our trainings have been appreciated everywhere

In this course you’ll learn the pedagogic concepts and techniques that have helped us become recognized as sought-after teachers, allowing us to share our passion for the dance in workshops all around the world. 

Just as importantly, we have contributed to the vibrant dance communities in Berlin and Heidelberg where we teach weekly classes together with our team. This experience helped us understand both how to work with a group of students long-term, nurturing them week after week with inspiration, as well as high-impact weekend festival teaching. 

In our local schools, we have provided ongoing coaching for many teachers, taking them from their very first teaching experiences, all the way along a teachers’ journey. Some of those teachers have become members of our main team!

We’ve trained teachers in:

Chile (Santiago)
Czech Republic (Prague)
Denmark (Copenhagen)
Finland (Helsinki, Oulu, Tamper, Vaasa)
France (Ardèche, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Montpellier, Poitiers, Strasbourg, Tours)
Germany (Berlin, Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg)
Hungary (Budapest)
Israel (Tel Aviv)
Italy (Policoro)
Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht)
Norway (Oslo, Trondheim)
Portugal (Lisbon)
Spain (Barcelona, Palma)
Sweden (Linköping)
Switzerland (Bern, Winterthur, Zurich)
UK (Durham, Edinburgh, London)

Meet Your Teachers

In these courses, you’ll get to know Kris and Ali, two passionate swing dance teachers from Germany.

Together, Kris and Ali have been teaching swing dancing to people of all experience levels – from complete beginners all the way to training teachers in our unique teaching methodologies. They have been teaching all around the world: from most cities in Europe, to Israel, Chile and back again. This program contains their best ideas, things that work everywhere for people from all walks of life. 

Kris Blindert

Before Kris dedicated herself to being a Lindy Hop and Jazz teacher, she worked in astronomy; researching, teaching, and sharing with the public. She always loved teaching, and her years of experience with such different topics have honed her skills so that she can break down very complex things into easy-to-understand pieces. Her goal is always to give you as easy a learning experience as possible without watering down the dance.

Ali Taghavi

Ali began his career as a chemist in Alzheimer research. After 4 years of being fully immersed in the latest discoveries in Alzheimer prevention and treatment studies, he recognised that swing dancing offers all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in one single activity. So he decided to dedicate himself to helping busy people live strong, happy and passionate lives through swing dancing.

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