Two people dancing Lindy Hop, captured in an energetic pose with stretched out legs and arms

Lindy Hop Workshop

Boost is Back!

This July, Boost your Dancing and Explore Your Unique Dance Style

1./2. July 2023

This Lindy Hop workshop offers a unique blend of classes and practice time that help you see real progress during the event itself.

During the classes, we’ll share our latest understanding of the dance to spark new ideas. Then, in the practice sessions, we provide the time and support you need to incorporate these insights into your dancing and allow you to develop your own unique style.

How does it work?
Each day starts with an hour-long class and a half-hour practice session; after that we’ll have shorter bursts, swapping back and forth between class time and practice time. The classes will inspire you with new ideas and give you specific goals to work on. The practice sessions give you time to incorporate them, and to explore further and develop your unique dance voice.

Over the weekend you’ll have a total of 9 hours of training.

Don’t miss this chance to refine your Lindy Hop skills and create lasting memories with like-minded dancers!

All Info at Once

Boost Workshop

with Ali Taghavi & Kris Blindert

July 1st + 2nd 2023


Friedrich Ebert Halle, Plöck 105, 69117 Heidelberg


Each group will keep the same schedule on Saturday and Sunday. Your block includes the classes as well as breaks and practice times.
Group 1: 10:00 – 14:30
Group 2: 15:00 – 19:30
Saturday Evening: Hangout & Social


without City Pass subscription: 130€

with City Pass subscription: 90€

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Group Descriptions

Group 1
You’ve probably been dancing Lindy Hop for at least six months. You have a comfortable repertoire of Lindy Hop basics – you are very familiar with iconic moves like swingouts, tuck turns, and passbys. You’re able to dance your movements both using triple steps and in Charleston. In this workshop you’re interested in finding more variety and expanding your style.

Group 2
You’re an experienced Lindy Hopper, probably you’ve been dancing for several years by now. You have a wide repertoire of moves, you’re comfortable dancing fast, or slow, or anything in between, and you have a lot of experience social dancing and adjusting to lots of different partners. In this workshop you’re not interested in just getting another fancy move; you want to dig deep and go back to the basic elements of the dance with fresh eyes to uncover more options and develop your dance identity.

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Workshop Location

Plöck 105, 69117 Heidelberg