More freedom, simpler sign up, easier payments

We’re introducing a subscription-based model. Now you can join classes any time, you get a more varied class selection, and a simplified payment set-up that you can cancel whenever you want.

The Benefits

Introducing a varied weekly schedule: including brand new drop-in lessons together with the familiar courses, as well as our online activities, in order to ensure that you can dance with us no matter when you start or how your schedule looks. 

Set up payment once for your subscription, instead of the hassle of dealing with it each time you want to book a course.

Sign up for courses simply and without having to re-enter your personal information every time.

Whenever we have extra space available in a course, you can join without any extra fees.

The subscription model allows us to be more flexible, too. It gives us the option to use formats outside of a fixed structure, such as short special-topic courses, guided training sessions.

We hope that this subscription model will give our team more stability and simplify our work, so that we can focus more on giving you a great experience

Our new offer starting from January 2022



The City Pass Subscription, at 59€ per person per month, includes:

  • weekly classes with both drop-in and fixed courses*
  • the Online Pass with all videos and online activities

*Sign up early for as many courses as you want. Our goal is to get everybody at least one spot and distribute the remaining spaces so that you can dance all week long.

  • Book, pause or cancel your subscription any time, without any fees.
  • Get a discount if you need it, using our Pay-It-Forward Fund.

Introducing Drop-In Classes

Drop-ins let you keep dancing and learning even if your schedule is not predictable. You can explore different roles and topics to get a broader exposure to the dance.

You’ll learn together with people from different experience levels, broadening your learning environment and strengthening the community we share.

During corona times, you’ll still need to register in advance for any drop-in lesson. We’re working on a system that’s simple, transparent and that you can control. For now, simply register for any drop-in single class using the same system you use for your fixed courses.

We’re Keeping Fixed Courses

The structure of the fixed courses will stay the same. In these fixed courses you can really focus on a topic to fully explore it, and get progress over several weeks working together with your group.

To maintain a good class size and lead & follow ratio, it’s still necessary for you to register for the fixed courses. What’s new is that courses are now included in the subscription, so there’s no more additional payment per course, and from now on you only need to enter your personal information once during your subscription sign-up.

Full Access to the Online Pass

The online training material takes you deep into many aspects of the dance, allowing you to stay in full control of your learning time, path and pace. Your full dose of Lindy Hop, after work, before work, during work 😉, exactly when the time is right for you.

You’ll access the online program from your normal course selection interface. And you join the live activities from the Online Pass page.

Great news: Our new website now has both class registration and online videos all on one place! Meanwhile, we will keep both and running in parallel for those who still have their subscription over on the site.

How it Works

Step 1: sign up for your City Pass (Heidelberg / Berlin). You now have immediate access to the online program and a user account with SwingStep. (No need to wait for any confirmation from us, this process is all automatic.)

Step 2: While logged into your account, sign up for the courses and drop-ins you wish to participate in.

Step 3: Within a few days you will get confirmations or waiting-list notifications for all courses and drop-ins you signed up for.

If you’d like to sign up for classes with a partner: you will each need your own Swingstep accounts, but it’s possible for one of you to do the course sign-up for the couple. Give your partner your user code and they can use it to sign up for you.

You’ll have an account on our website. When signed in, you have access to the online program, and you have an account page that lets you control all the following details.

Under “Home”, you control your personal information, and you see the user code you can give to a partner to sign up for you.

Under “Subscriptions”, you directly manage your subscription – you can change, pause, or cancel it any time. This is the place to change or update your payment method.

Under “Payments”, you see your payment status and download your invoice.

Under “Courses”, you have another way to access the online courses.

Join our slack or facebook communities to connect with other Join our slack or facebook communities to connect with other subscribers – look for partners, share tips, let others know about interesting events. We also use these communities to connect with you and to make announcements.

Still have questions?

We have also updated our Class FAQ page with lots of information about our subscription program.

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