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From beginner to experienced dancer

There’s great input available for everyone to get their kicks!

Learn your first steps and swing dance moves or explore more techniques for experienced dancers plus skills & drills exercises to improve your dancing.

Tune in to our history series

  • Where did the name Lindy Hop come from?
  • Was there a swing dance “revival”?
  • What was it like to social dance at the Savoy?
  • What was the relationship between the musicians and dancers?

Fitness for dancers!

Training is based on the ideas of functional fitness. And our Core and Balance training video will get you ready for the dance floor and give you an all-round skills boost.

Spread the joy: How to teach swing dancing

Lindy Hoppers love to share their passion: we’ll show you how to teach a dance class. We’ll help you decide what to teach, how to turn those ideas into class content and our “secret sauce” pedagogy recipe!

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Specific cases

Here are some specific cases that have happened to other members and how we were able to help them. Check to see if one of these applies to you too…

Problem: “I had a total error with the site. I could sign in at the beginning but when I checked the course and I clicked ‘completed’ it broke down and I can’t sign in anymore at the moment.”

Explanation of the issue: Today, many services add information to your browser search. Sometimes, after browsing the web for a while, you have so much information added to your browser that it exceeds the amount of information that can be transferred over the http headers. In this case for example, the information “course completed” was the drop that made the bucket spill over.

Solution: Try clearing your cache and your cookies. On a mobile device, this may mean that you need a browser cold-restart. (Unfortunately, every phone does this a little differently; to find out how yours works, perform an internet search using keywords like “How To Force Quit Apps” or “how to cold start” and include your phone model.)

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Send an email to [email protected], describing the problem as specifically as you can, and we’ll get back to you.

Videos from the Dis-Tanzen Project

In our Dis-Tanzen videos (part of a German government initiative) we collaborated with various experts, to share information and help teachers and dance professionals with their online classes.

The full playlist is available here. Or, check out the video below for an example.

Ableton setup file for perfectly synchronised sound for zoom sessions

In the videos, Ali and Paul walk you through a detailed description of a high-quality audio/video set-up for live dance classes with perfectly synchronised audio, voice and video. If you want to use our Ableton settings, you can download the file here:

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